DeKalb’s New Building Codes Review Nov. 10th

PLEASE NOTE NEW DATE AND TIME! Members: The City of DeKalb has been reviewing their building codes. It has been a long process that began a year ago. You and others will have the opportunity to review the new codes and make comments on them. The time for your inspection of the documents and reviews…

Where Do Your Impact Fees Really Go?

Impact fees have been a revenue generator in many city’s across the country for nearly 50 years, but they shouldn’t always be the go-to solution for financing public projects. This is especially true in the growing number of places where impact fees are likely being miscalculated and misused, as is the current debate in Bozeman,…

Distribute This Guide for Better Building Code Votes

On Nov. 8, building officials, state energy office staffers and government administrators fire up their computers to begin the online voting process that will determine which proposals end up in the 2018 model building codes, including the IRC and the energy code.That means builders need to go back to the well: In every state, NAHB…

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Ken Andersen, Executive Offficer

Ken Andersen, Executive Offficer

The DCBDA is an association of local developers, builders, subcontractors and associate members that are dedicated to the building industry and the community we all call home. Having just recently being chartered to the National Home Builders Association (NAHB) and the Home Builders Association of Illinois (HBAI) we are empowered to offer more reasons to join us in promoting the industry. Our membership is growing into an excellent team. And it is led by an outstanding Board of Directors.

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